"Morgan Oaks ALWAYS provides outstanding service
and continually goes above my expectations with professionalism."
     - Paul Owens (Customer)


Morgan Oaks Roll-Offs

Business owner/operations manager, took over the roll-off container business in 2006. Tim is a former Des Moines Police Officer. His family owned and operated a tree farm/landscape business that began in 1990. For many years while on the police department he found himself working for the city and the family business. When Tim made the decision to extend the family business and leave his job with the police department, he had a handful of dumpsters that came on the back of a one truck. Now he has over 100 containers and four trucks for your trash removal needs.

Came to the dumpster business in 2010. He has filled in as Tim's right -hand man. When Tim needs someone to fill in for him, Johan is your man. He is Tim's brother-in-law, keeping the family in the business.

Has been driving for Tim since 2009. Not only does he drive for Tim, but he also drives a stock car on the weekends! He has been the winner on the figure eight track several times. He tones down the driving in a safe and efficient manner for your delivery needs.

Was there with Tim when the first dumpster truck went on the road. Craig grew up in a truck, delivering "cans" for garbage needs. Craig is a full time medic for the Des Moines Fire Department. He is a big help for the business on his days away from saving lives!

*Pictured left to right: Tim Morgan, Jason "Johan" Sander, Mike Goldsberry, Craig Thompson

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